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Ge.graf Srl has been in the printing sector since 1977 with an utmost focus on quality ever since. Ge.graf has the most advanced equipment and machinery. We believe and invest in professional skills, dedicating time and energy to training technicians, salespeople and managers, with the aim of becoming a trusted, knowledgeable and reliable partner, for all of our customers.

We manage the whole processing and production cycle in-house, from the original file to the final delivery, employing highly qualified personnel and latest generation machinery such as the fully automatic Computer To Plate (CTP) system, which guarantees work flexibility and maximum quality in the prepress phase. With over 20 offset and digital printing units, Ge.graf has the right tools for all requests, from small to very large high-quality runs, from the simplest to the most complex projects. We have a wide range of machines, ideal for any finishing and packaging need.

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Graphic Department.


Thanks to the high skills and abilities of our graphic department we can satisfy any request... even the most complex ones!


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